Staten Island Interior Design

Whether it’s breathing new life into your home, creating a welcoming business environment for your customers and clients, or putting the finishing touches on your new construction project, few things are more effective at bringing your space together than having a Staten Island interior designer come in and transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Think you might be in the market to hire a Staten Island home décor expert? You’re in the right place. The Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island can steer you in the right direction.

Why Do I Need An Interior Designer? 

There is a misconception among some that interior designers are only for the wealthy, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are many reasons to a hire an interior designer in Staten Island, including but not limited to: 

Breathe New Life to an Old Home– If your home has been falling behind as far as visual appeal and feel, an interior designer may be the fresh set of eyes you need.

Bring Professionalism to Your Office– In the world of business, a good impression can be priceless. With a well outfitted space and creative decorating ideas your office space can be the talk of the town. 

Create A Welcoming Environment– When you want people to feel welcome and comfortable but don’t know where to start, a home décor specialist in Staten Island is what you need.

Finalize Your New Construction– If you are renovating or building a new construction home, bring life to your new home by working with a professional interior designer to make the inside as perfect as it can be. 

How To Choose the Right Interior Designer

When it comes to hiring contractors, one type that many people may not have a lot of experience with is an interior designer or home décor specialist. These artists and designers can transform your space and take you to a whole new world. 

Thankfully, it’s just as easy to hire a good interior designer in Staten Island as it is any other kind of contractor. Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

Have A Phone Conversation– First and foremost, have a chat with any designer you are considering. Ask questions, tell them what you envision and be clear about your needs. An interior designer’s work will be a more noticeable part of your life than many other kinds of work, so it’s important for you to both be on the same page.

See Their Work– Once you’ve established your goals, ask to see examples of their work. Any reputable designer will provide them. This will help you get a sense for their aesthetic and may even spark ideas that the two of you can discuss.

Tour Your Space– An essential ingredient in ensuring your designer of choice can do great work is for the two of you to tour your space together. Being in that space will allow them to more fully develop the ideas that will eventually become the bold new space you envision.

Finalize Your Agreement– When it’s clear the two of you are compatible, it’s time to finalize your agreement. Ensure you both have the same expectations, work out the finer business details, and then wait for the magic to happen. 

Simple Ideas To Get Started

Have a room in your home or office you’d like to transform? It takes a lot more than a few good ideas, but these basic tips are good places to begin. If you need further guidance, we recommend working with an interior designer in Staten Island. 

Smaller Rooms, Lighter Colors– When working with smaller rooms, lighter, brighter colors are optimal, as they’ll help open up the room and make it feel a little less confining.

Mirrors Are Magic– Mirrors aren’t only meant to be placed above the sink in the bathroom. A well-placed mirror can bring much-needed light into a dim room and give your space more breathing room. For perfect placement, consult with a Staten Island home décor specialist.

Open Plans Are Still In– The days of many smaller rooms crammed into a house or office space are over. Open plans are not only “in,” they are here to stay, both for home and for business. So when you think of your space, think open.

Hire A Professional– It’s hard to emphasize this one enough. Professionals are professionals for a reason, and when it comes to something as specialized as interior design, their experience and expertise can make a HUGE difference. When in doubt, bring in an expert! 

These ideas don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to creating an amazing indoor space. To learn more, contact a Staten Island interior designer today. 

Get in Touch with An Expert Today 

Interior design doesn’t have to be intimidating, and it’s not a service for the wealthy. It’s one we can all benefit from.

And now that you’ve found the listings at the Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island, you’re just one step away from getting into touch with an expert design who will help you transform your home or business. Ready to get started?