Specializing in the art of masonry, since 1959. We know there are other masonry contractors to choose from so we thank you for choosing our company to perform your next project.  If you have not decided yet, please be  mindful of a few things.
If you use an unlicensed contractor without insurance (such as general liability, disability and workers compensation) and an employee gets hurts while working on your property, you may be liable.  This means THEY CAN HOLD YOU AS THE HOMEOWNER LIABLE! The building department can also put a stop work order on the job, which means they can stop the job and fine the unlicensed contractor and/or the homeowner.  The contractor cannot resume any work on the job until they have the proper licenses and insurance and the fines are paid. Why use a licensed contractor? License-holders undergo a criminal history check, pass a written examination, pay a license fee, and post a bond or contribute to a Trust Fund that gives restitution to consumers. There are thousands of licensed home improvement contractors in New York City, but many contractors work without a license or insurance.  Don't take any chances with your home! A license is no guarantee that a contractor will always engage in proper business conduct, but it gives Consumer Affairs the authority to act on your behalf. Consumers are often able to get compensation because they hired a licensed contractor.  A DCA Trust Fund, based on mandatory contributions from a license-holder, makes these payments possible. 
All General and Home Improvement Contractors who perform work and do business in the state of New York must have a license to do so issued by the governing authority. The New York City Department of Buildings issues the General Contractor Registration and The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs issues the (HIC) Home Improvement License. Home Improvement Contractors (HIC) are also to required to have a Home Improvement Salesperson's License issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs as well.


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