Plumbers in Staten Island 

Finding Plumbers in Staten Island 

One of the worst things a homeowner can face is an unexpected plumbing leak.  Leaks can be disruptive and cause major damage to your home.

Finding an excellent Staten Island plumbing company is easier than ever, especially once you’ve found the Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island. Whether you have a pressing emergency, need a contractor for renovations or new construction, or need someone to make essential upgrades to your home or business, you’ve come to the right place to find the best plumbers in Staten Island.

When It’s Time To Call A Plumber 

It’s not difficult to know when it’s time to call a plumber. When any one of the following problems arise, you’ll know it’s time to pick up the phone:

·      Dripping Faucets– This common problem is more than an annoyance, it can actually cost you money in wasted water and potential water damage. Get it fixed!

·      You Need Inspections– From new construction to renovations, purchasing a property and more, you’ll need an expert to do a proper inspection of the plumbing.

·      Low Water Pressure– Poor water pressure can make showers miserable, and for certain types of businesses low water pressure can have a HUGE impact on efficiency and productivity.

·      You Have A Leak– This is the obvious one. When there is a leak in your home or water dripping in your building, you need a Staten Island plumber ASAP.

·      Clogged Drains– Over the counter drain clogging solutions can sometimes do the trick, but when it comes to stubborn clogs, it’s time to call in an expert.

Those are only a few examples, of course. A good plumber will also be involved in any improvements you make to your building, home additions and improvements, renovations to certain rooms in the house, new construction, and more.

How To Choose The Right Plumber 

When it comes to your plumbing, only work with reputable, experienced contractors. When it comes to any water related or gas repairs, there is just too much damage that can be done from a job that isn’t done right.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to find a great Staten Island plumbing company. You made the right first step by landing on this website. From there:

·      Read Reviews & Seek Recommendations– The best thanks you can give a business is word of mouth – always review and recommend contractors you’ve had a good experience with – so your first step should be to research a few local plumbers and see what people are saying.

·      Be Specific About Your Problem– In order to get the most accurate estimate and ensure the plumber you’ve chosen is right for the job, give specific details so they have a better sense for the job

·      Ask Questions – On the flip side of things, don’t be afraid to ask questions about what the job will entail. Reputable contractors are always happy to keep their customers educated.

·      Get It In Writing– Handshake agreements are fine between friends, but business is business. Ask for an estimate in writing. This not only protects you it also protects your plumber!

·      Check for Licenses and Insurance– a qualified plumber in Staten Island should be licensed by the State of New York and hold a current Master Plumbers License. In addition they should have a General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance policy.  These qualifications are designed to protect property owners from faulty work and jobsite incidents.

The difference between a project done right and a disaster waiting to happen could be as simple as who you hire, so do your homework and make an informed decision. You’ll be glad you did!


Unless you like having your plumber in Staten Island on speed dial, you’ll want to take some easy measures to ensure you don’t have to keep making costly repairs and maintenance. Keep these tips in mind and your visits from the plumber will be minimal:

·      Don’t Flush “Flushable” Wipes– Despite what it says on the packaging, flushable wipes aren’t actually flushable. Sewerage authorities hate them because they cause huge blockages, and property owners can learn to hate them because they can cause small (but difficult to clear) blockages in your sewer system, too. So don’t flush them!

·      Know Where Your Shut-Off Valves Are– In case of an emergency, such as a broken pipe or aggressive leak, you’ll want to shut off the water to that location to minimize damage. Then call a Staten Island plumber!

·      Beware Of Pipes When Doing Improvements– Any time you’re doing home improvements, have a keen understanding of where your water and gas piping are located, especially if you’re opening up walls, because one punctured pipe can result in BIG headaches for you.

·      The Kitchen Drain Is For Water– Bacon grease, coffee grounds, and other food debris should be cleaned out of the sink rather than washed down the drain. It may go down okay now, but a clog is inevitable if you keep doing it.

·      Pay For A Good Plunger– When it comes to plungers, you get what you pay for. Spring for the few extra dollars and get a good one. You’ll be glad you did. Cheap plungers are close to worthless!


Problems that require the services of a plumber can be a big headache, but thankfully you have Staten Island’s best plumbing experts at your fingertips. Reach out to the excellent member organizations of the Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island and you’ll be well on your way to hiring an expert you can trust.